Plan a Limo Trip to Napa Valley

Summer is here and there is no better time to organize a wine tasting trip with family and friends.  Start by gauging interest and finding out who would be interested in committing to the trip.  If there are less than 10 people, I would recommend renting a stretch limo or SUV.  If greater than 10, I would consider the SUV stretch limos or party buses.

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Once you have a general idea of the number of people going, call a few limo companies to inquire prices and be sure to write everything down– from the name of the company, their phone number, quotes and what is included in the quote (for example, does it include driver’s tip, taxes and fuel or is there additional cost?).  Find out about their reservation and cancellation policy.  If the appearance of the vehicle is important to you, you may want to ask for a picture.

As you are deciding on which company to book with, start planning your itinerary for your trip. Napa has over 400 wineries so you may want to figure out whether you want to pick wineries by popularity or by interest.  For example, certain wineries specialize in certain blends and varieties or may be known for their red or whites.  Not everyone has the same taste in wines and many who come to Napa for wine tasting are novice wine tasters.

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Most wine tours are booked for about 6-8 hours due to travel time.  This gives you enough time to try out at least 3 wineries and enjoy a delicious lunch at one of Napa’s famous restaurants.  I would take the time to Yelp or research several places and decide on one you would like to try out.  So many great eateries to pick from!  V. Sattui has an excellent shaded picnic areas surrounded by lush trees and beautiful landscape.  They also have a market where you can purchase picnic foods– such as sandwiches, cheese and crackers, spreads, and of course, wine to enjoy outdoors.

One of the advantages of renting a limo or party bus is having a designated driver to safely get you around Napa and back home.  Most will be tired by the end of the day so sit back and relax during the long ride home.  Enjoy the complementary beverages and turn on the TV and music for entertainment.  Most limos and party buses have smartphone and auxillary hook ups for music so you can play from your own devices.

With proper planning, you and your friends and family can have a fun and relaxing trip to Napa Valley.

Limo Fleet 101

When you call up a limo company there is usually an extensive fleet of vehicles for you to choose from.  Sedans, SUVs, classic stretch limos, SUV stretch limos, party buses, and charter buses.  Below I will describe each type of vehicle and mention their general use.


These are typically vehicles like the Lincoln Town Car and has many use.  They are used primarily for airport services, however, are often booked for corporate use, concerts, point-to-point travel.  The vehicles are spacious and comfortable and plenty of leg room and usually have power accessibility for electronic devices.

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SUV’s are reserved for similar purposes as the sedans.  It’s used for airport services for larger number of passengers or when the sedan is not able to accommodate the size of the party and luggages.  Most limo companies carry 7-passenger SUVs and they are commonly booked for corporate, point-to-point, and even prom.  Usually basic transportation needs.

Classic Stretch Limousine

The classic stretch limousine are the traditional Lincoln Town Car stretch limos, Chrysler 300 stretch limo, and basically any type of car or sedan that is stretched out.  These are very popular for both fancy occasions or basic transportation needs.  You will see them booked for prom, weddings, birthdays, wine tours, concerts, quinceaneras, anniversaries, and more.  These stretch limos typically sit 6-10 and vary in size.  They come equipped with leather lounge seats, a full bar with complementary beverages, TV, DVD and CD player, sound system and music hook up, and fiberoptic lighting.

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SUV Stretch Limousine

This is any form of SUV that is stretch out, such as the Hummer limo, Escalade stretch limo, Expedition stretch limo, Excursion stretch limo,.. you get the hint.  They are flashier than the traditional car stretch limos and roomier.  SUV stretch limos are popular for proms, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, wine tours, graduations, and more.  They feature the same amenities as that in a classic stretch limo– leather seating, fiberoptic lighting, TV, DVD, CD player, full bar, etc.

Party Bus

Party buses (aka limo buses) have gotten quite popular these days.  They are essentially shuttle buses or standard size buses with a limousine interior.  They are great if you want the extra comfort and room to move about.  Typically they come in 20, 30, 40, 50+ passenger capacities and feature all the same amenities as that of limousines, except they also include a dance pole, hardwood floors, large flat screen TVs, and occasionally more than one wet bars.  Great for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, wine tours, concerts, sporting events and more.


Hassle-Free Booking Tips for Prom

It’s prom and graduation season and there is no better time to rent a limousine than now.  Before you rent one, however, it is best to be prepared and do your research to get the best bang for your buck.  According to limo service Santa Cruz, not all limo companies are created equal.

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Consider the number of passengers and the number of hours you need limo for.  Simply calling and asking for a quote is not enough.  Limo companies will need to know the type and size of limo you need, the number of hours you need the limo for, and pick up and drop off locations.  Smaller limos tend to be cheapest in price while larger limos more expensive.

You should call at least 5 companies to compare costs against type of limo.  Additionally, you should be comparing apples to apples.  Meaning, compare the price of an 8-passenger limo to an 8-passenger limo.  Not an 8-passenger limo to a 12-passenger limo.  Find out if the quote they provide you includes driver’s tip, taxes, and fuel.  If one companies provides an all-included quote and a second company provides a quote which does not include gratuity, then you should determine how much gratuity would cost you and add that to the quote of company two.  And then compare the total cost between the 2 companies.

Don’t make your decision on price only.  Find out about the reservation and cancellation policy.  Do they require a deposit?  Some companies require a $100 or $100 deposit, which others don’t require a deposit.  Some companies require a 1 week cancellation and others 3 days.  Some may not allow a refund for prom bookings.  So always check before booking.

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One company may have a higher quote, but a more lenient cancellation policy.  So you have to weigh all options.  You may also want to ask to see photos of the limousines or come in to see it in person.  The company who quoted you higher may have a newer model and nicer interior.  And if appearance is important to you, you consider the highest cost and nicer limo.

Most importantly, check for company reviews.  Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of referral services.  Yelp and Google plus are great places to check.  You may also want to see if they have cash only discounts if money is tight.  Most will offer this.  Also, ask to see if the limousine comes with complementary beverages.  Many will with a minimum number of hours.

Hope this information helps in terms of finding the right limo for prom to meet you needs.

How to Rent a Limousine for Prom

The greatest mistake you could make when looking for a prom or homecoming limousine is buying the cheapest limo on the block. In the limousine business, there are numerous deals in quality and cost. Very regularly, a less expensive limo for prom can mean greater risk of something going wrong. In the event that you look for a limousine administration in light of value alone, you will probably be baffled and disillusioned with your limousine quality and professionalism.

Get informed about Limousine Insurance and Permits

According to San Francisco limousine, all limo companies are obligated to cover business protection and register with their local Department of Transportation. Before booking a limo, request confirmation of these with your contract.

Get some information about Limo Industry Associations. Organizations who have a place with industry affiliations generally must submit to all protection regulations and administration rules. Legitimate affiliations, for example, the National Limousine Affiliation (NLA) and the nearby local affiliation. Transportation Association permits are great evidence that your limousine supplier does their due diligence and cares about the safety of their passengers. The Better Business Bureau is an alternate good place to check whether a limousine organization you are considering employing has had any protests from previous customers.

Ask to See the Company’s Limousine Fleet

Look at the vehicle you anticipate leasing for prom. You would prefer not to be shocked on your enormous prom day by an old, run-down stretch limousine when you are expecting a completely different model.

You ought to consider what size party of individuals you’ll be going with. Would you like to arrange a gathering of companions or run solo with your date? Make sense of precisely what number of individuals will be in your Prom bunch, since that will focus the kind of vehicle and budget that you will require.

Decide How Much Time You Will Need

Consider to what extent you’re going to need the limousine for. Most limo companies have five to six hour options on the weekends.

Does the limousine organization take credit cards? If not, they may be just a part‐time organization.

Ask what is included in the Limo for Prom Package. Do they give ice, food, napkins, pop, and water. Keep in-mind, that if anyone in your ride is caught sneaking liquor on-board, you will end up forfeiting your expensive ride, as many limo companies have a no tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking.