Hassle-Free Booking Tips for Prom

It’s prom and graduation season and there is no better time to rent a limousine than now.  Before you rent one, however, it is best to be prepared and do your research to get the best bang for your buck.  According to limo service Santa Cruz, not all limo companies are created equal.

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Consider the number of passengers and the number of hours you need limo for.  Simply calling and asking for a quote is not enough.  Limo companies will need to know the type and size of limo you need, the number of hours you need the limo for, and pick up and drop off locations.  Smaller limos tend to be cheapest in price while larger limos more expensive.

You should call at least 5 companies to compare costs against type of limo.  Additionally, you should be comparing apples to apples.  Meaning, compare the price of an 8-passenger limo to an 8-passenger limo.  Not an 8-passenger limo to a 12-passenger limo.  Find out if the quote they provide you includes driver’s tip, taxes, and fuel.  If one companies provides an all-included quote and a second company provides a quote which does not include gratuity, then you should determine how much gratuity would cost you and add that to the quote of company two.  And then compare the total cost between the 2 companies.

Don’t make your decision on price only.  Find out about the reservation and cancellation policy.  Do they require a deposit?  Some companies require a $100 or $100 deposit, which others don’t require a deposit.  Some companies require a 1 week cancellation and others 3 days.  Some may not allow a refund for prom bookings.  So always check before booking.

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One company may have a higher quote, but a more lenient cancellation policy.  So you have to weigh all options.  You may also want to ask to see photos of the limousines or come in to see it in person.  The company who quoted you higher may have a newer model and nicer interior.  And if appearance is important to you, you consider the highest cost and nicer limo.

Most importantly, check for company reviews.  Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of referral services.  Yelp and Google plus are great places to check.  You may also want to see if they have cash only discounts if money is tight.  Most will offer this.  Also, ask to see if the limousine comes with complementary beverages.  Many will with a minimum number of hours.

Hope this information helps in terms of finding the right limo for prom to meet you needs.

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