Renting a Limo Does Not Have to Break the Bank

There is a huge misconception that limos are too large, luxurious and expensive to rent for most events. Most think that they are used primarily for weddings, proms or extravagant events. However, this is completely untrue. It may surprise you to know that limos are commonly rented for less extravagant events, like wine tasting, concerts, birthday parties, etc.  In addition, all limo companies carry a wide range of vehicles, not only limos. Their fleet typically consists of 4-door sedans or cars, standard SUVs, shuttle vans, charter buses or large coach buses.

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4-door sedans and SUVS are commonly used for airport transfers and any trips with fewer passengers. I have seen it used for weddings and proms. If you are just a few people and on a tighter budget and do not require anything too special, this is a great option. Then there is the other end of the spectrum when there are large groups. Again, if you are not as concerned about having a flashy vehicle and simply need basic transportation, you may want to opt for something cheaper like a shuttle van or bus.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not always going to break the bank by renting a limo. Many limo companies have discounts and deals depending on days of the week, time of the day, etc. Obviously Fridays and Saturdays tend to be popular so you may want to avoid renting on those specific days. You can get quite the discount if you rent between Sunday through Thursday. And limo companies will cut you a better deal if you book long hours.

There are many limo companies around so I would recommend calling around to a few places and comparing prices with what you are getting. Find out about the size and capacity of the limo, whether the price includes driver’s tip, and whether there are additional costs on top of that. Ask for a photo of the limo or ask to come in to the office to view the limo. You don’t want to find out the day of that you got something that was less than what you expected. Most limo companies will provide complementary beverages on ice inside the limos.

Whether you are looking for a pick up or drop off at an airport or need a classy and elegant vehicle for your wedding, limo companies are a great place for any transportation need. They may even beat calling a cab, as the price may be comparable, but you are getting first class service in a comfortable executive vehicle.