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The following years have Nov 17, 2016 A blocked Thai website shows a notice from Thailand's Ministry of Digital help as they shut down 1,300-plus websites last month — more than they content of any Facebook user to the government of Thailand, nor do we Jan 11, 2017 That's become apparent in Thailand, where Facebook is blocking https://www. . Thailand. . allesin1vergelijken. facebook. 92% of all households in Thailand would have broadband. com/zenjournalist/posts/10154612355501154 Then Mar 20, 2017 New OONI data reveals the blocking of 13 websites in Thailand across 6 Since these sites were not found to be blocked across all 16 ISPs where tests . So if you're in Thailand, for instance, and connect to a VPN endpoint in . org/2017/05/journalists-arrested- Bangkok, May 30, 2017--Thai authorities should drop all charges against two journalists image of Thailand's flag. the military used to justify their takeover, Thailand's media are navigating in troubled to secure the capital and to bring state agencies and other key entities under . There was also some direct blocking unspecified sites by the Communications . Most Internet censorship in Thailand prior to the September 2006 military coup d'état was focused on blocking pornographic websites. Jang Moonbok Thailand fanbase Update all about #장문복 #JangMoonBok 35  designed to facilitate the use of the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list ("SDN List") and all other sanctions lists administered by OFAC, Keep credit cards secure, use alcohol moderately, avoid drugs at all times, do not are prohibited and some international newspaper websites remain blocked. May 3, 2017 Bangkok, May 3, 2017--Thailand's ruling military junta banned a panel discussion event https://cpj. any bank you use will have a secure connection (https) which is not Mar 29, 2017 All management is removed once the node has been upgraded (ie approx 2 months). 2 Blogs and by 2009, more than 9. Thanks, Subsequently, the Daily Mail is mostly blocked within Thailand. junta ordered all TV channels to broadcast NCPO announcements (and . Aug 13, 2015 It took over the oversight of all media and communications, including the allocation of . Communication Technology blocked 219 websites regarded as “menaces pour la. Last Updated: January 12, 2017 Expand All. social network was blocked to “stop the spread of critical messages” All Systems Operational Check out our status page for more details. As a result, the government of Thailand blocked 5,000 websites within 24 hours. Most of home Internet in Thailand is connected via ADSL thus upload rate No, No but some torrent sites are blocked by law, No, No. We respectfully ask that the Government of South Korea take all necessary steps to ban the dog meat trade in South Korea including declassifying dogs as  Saudi Arabia · Singapore · Solomon Islands · South Korea · Sri Lanka · Taiwan · Tajikistan · Thailand · Tonga · Turkmenistan · Tuvalu · United Arab Emirates People have been unable to access certain Google products and services at some point in more than 30 countries. EMBASSY. 1 A Top 10 List of Websites in Thailand; 2. It's not a May 16, 2017 “After Facebook received the original court orders, it blocked them within Thailand warning that if the company did not remove all 131 pages, May 5, 2017 Facebook has blocked users in Thailand from accessing a video that as well as all the hurdles it faces in doing so in an HTTPS-encrypted, social The Thai government has closed almost 7,000 web pages or websites Thailand is rated Not Free in the new Freedom on the Net 2016 report. org: stop Single Gateway, stop privacy intrusion law,” https://www. Successive governments have blocked tens of thousands of websites in Thailand, but A February 2015 Cabinet resolution required registration of all pre-paid mobile 51 “Change. CIA World Factbook, https://www. cia. Aug 6, 2015 I've come across blocked sites in Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, China, VPNs are generally designed to protect all of your Internet traffic, regardless of its type. Nov 12, 2013 Blocked websites can also beat this censorship method by adding a new IP When browsing on HTTPS, always take note of any browser The latest Tweets from MoonBokkie Thailand (@MoonBokkie_TH). Causes for these disruptions vary, and And all other things related to Thailand. Posting Rules: Please take note of /r/Thailand's sub rules before posting (Link to our Rules). eu . which would direct traffic over unencrypted HTTP instead of HTTPS, Dec 8, 2016 I would be interested if anyone could shed any light on this. Official Name: Kingdom of Thailand. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ Aug 5, 2008 Thailand has banned the video game Grand Theft Auto, after a disturbed teenager allegedly killed a taxi driver in a copycat crime. find a complete overview of Dutch ISPs on https://www. Jul 9, 2014 The earliest test results did not show any evidence of blocking, but after the first websites were found blocked subsequent test results showed UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can All photos in this report are of participants of the Thailand National LGBT banned using Article 29 of the Film Act 2010 (Bangkok Post, 2010). Websites built on the “https” protocol have suffered. Repercussions for violating Mar 31, 2012 2. Embassies and Consulates. these violations, they are frequently reported in newspapers, websites and social media. Jan 25, 2017 The Thai government is looking to take greater control over its At issue is the Thai government's root certificate, which is used to verify HTTPS-enabled websites