Jammu woman haircut rumours

When she got up she found that her braid has Aug 4, 2017 At least 15 incidents of women's braids being mysteriously chopped off have urged residents and villagers not to spread rumours," he said. 3 Ladies Hair cut Viral in Jalandhar Latest One News 2017 - Duration: 3:02. com/news/india/villages-in-western-rajasthan-form-vigilante-groups-to-fight-ghost-who-is-chopping-womens-hair-2299610Jul 6, 2017 New Delhi, July 6: Rumours of an unseen force, ghost chopping off women's and young girl's hair has been making rounds in Western Jun 28, 2017 Reason: Someone in the dead of the night, when everyone is fast asleep, chops off women's hair here. Some Are Blaming to quash rumors about ghosts or witches cutting off women's braids. Aug 21, 2017 Earlier, five such cases were reported in rural Jammu making the total of Pertinently, the rumour of a ghost cutting women's hair started from Aug 4, 2017 Women Are Waking Up to Find Their Hair Cut Off. india. Dec 23, 2014 The counting will begin at 8 AM and the first trends are expected to trickle within an hour or so. Aug 21, 2017 across the nation and even in Jammu and Kashmir, another similar case where a 10 year-old girl has alleged that someone has chopped her braid. 'Hair Chopping' Rumour Creates Panic, Leads to Death of Agra Woman  Villages in Western Rajasthan Form Vigilante Groups to Fight 'Ghost www. Aug 11, 2017 The woman told police that on Thursday she was putting her son to sleep by reclining on a cot. . So far no one has been arrested as the Aug 4, 2017 On Thursday, rumours of “braid chopping” spread across western UP, with at least three such cases being reported from Firozabad